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On Monday President Bush confirmed again, "I stand by Al Gonzales."

When asked about the Senate's push for a no-confidence vote against U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, he accused critics of engaging in "pure political theater."

Bush has no intention of asking Gonzales to resign. That leaves Congress with only one option: Impeach him!

Please sign the petition to impeach Alberto Gonzales right now:

Our friends at Brave New Films have created an excellent video short to increase exposure and make the campaign fun. And in a few weeks, Democracy for America members will deliver your signature and thousands of others directly to your representative in Congress. Here's some of the buzz so far:

The Nation1: This is a classic "it's-about-time" development. Democracy for America and Greenwald are giving the American people an opportunity to demand that Congress get serious about holding an errant executive branch to account.

The Boston Globe2: It's time for an impeachment, not just to oust Gonzales, but as a salutary warning to his superiors.

DailyKos3: Making those Republicans squirm on this vote makes it worth it in and of itself. Add in the political pressure of the just announced Impeach Gonzales by DFA and BraveNewFilms, this is one issue that's not going to go away for Gonzo, for Bush, or for the GOP.

Over 41,000 people have signed the petition since Monday and the numbers keep climbing. Can you help us reach 75,000 by Friday?


If the President thinks this is political theater, it is up to us to make sure impeachment is Alberto Gonzales' curtain call. Please sign the petition right now and then pass it on.


Thank you for moving America forward,

Jim Dean

(1) The Call to Impeach Gonzales By John Nichols - The Nation, May 21, 2007

(2) Gonzales should be impeached By Robert Kuttner - Boston Globe, March 24, 2007

(3) Stand by Your Man By McJoan - DailyKos, May 21, 2007



Register to Attend
Warmer days, more sunshine, and countless festivals and conventions -- yep, summer is fast approaching.  

I want to let you know about what will be one of this summer's highlights: Democracyfest 2007.


The speakers lined up for this year's festival include Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, and Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean. In its fourth year, DemocracyFest is taking place this year in one of the most important towns in presidential politics -- Manchester, New Hampshire.

Of course, DFA will be there. This year DFA will lend its Training Academy staff to the event and we're inviting our friends at ActBlue to help us out! In addition to the weekend's great speakers and panelists, DFA will provide our top-notch training program free to all attendees.


DemocracyFest 2007 will be a great chance to network and catch up with the DFA community from all over the country. This year's sponsoring host, Democracy for New Hampshire, is pulling out all the stops. If Democracy for New Hampshire can elect two new Democratic United States Representatives, a new Democratic state House, and a Democratic state Senate, you can bet that they can throw a great party as well!

DemocracyFest is a great place to trade ideas, learn new strategies, and get energized for the hard political work we have in the years to come.

I hope to see you in Manchester this June 9-11.


Arshad Hasan
DFA Training Director

P.S. Can't make it to DemocracyFest this year, but still want to train for the critical upcoming elections? Well, Democracy for America has added new dates and cities to the training calendar. Click on the training nearest you for more details: 

Fairfax, VA May 19-20
Baton Rouge, LA June 2-3
Salt Lake City, UT June 16-17
Albany, NY June 23-24
Tampa, FL June 30 - July 1
Frankfort, KY July 7-8
Sacramento, CA July 14-15
Orange County, CA July 21-22
Atlanta, GA September 8-9
Springfield, IL September 29-30

The Real McCainOver the course of the next year, our community will be called on by candidates to volunteer, to give money and to get our friends and family to the polls.

Democracy for America grew out of the first ever use of the web to create a people's campaign based on transparency and not reliant on the corporate media. While that corporate media was less than kind to our founder, Howard Dean, it seems to be doing the opposite with John McCain. We are sure that Senator McCain is war hero, but we are equally sure that the media has given him a pass on his penchant for flip-flopping.

McCain's "straight talk" seems to us to be double talk.

We partnered with our friends at Brave New Films to be the first to distribute the Real John McCain, a two minute fifty second video that shows us McCain in his own words. Watch for yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioy90nF2anI

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